Historical Background

OTF Export Ltd is a private company founded in 2002 and is situated in the East of Mauritius at Coastal Road Belle Mare. Primarily engaged in exportation of local fruits and vegetables, the company has gradually matured to figure among the most powerful exporters of its products in Europe. Besides, OTF has invested in technological infrastructures to improve the quality of its stuff to be exported with warehouse facilities of about 10,000
sq feet.



“Our objective is to be among the leading exporters of fruits in Mauritius by offering services to customers which incorporate a high standard of operational efficiency and the lowest cost producer locally...”

OTF is mainly involved in the cultivation of pineapples, lychees, breadfruits, chillies, avocadoes and other seasonal fruits. It produces around 800 tons of pineapples and 200 tons of other fruits and vegetables to be exported annually.
Most of the fruits and vegetables are harvested in the Eastern part of Mauritius. Its affinity with the planters of this region leads to a win-win situation between both planters and the company.

OTF is also engaged in the production of Victoria pineapples and is expecting an increase to 1200 tons yearly for quality export only of this type of fruit.