Mauritius is one of the world leaders in the production and exportation of pineapples. Years of experience have made the Mauritian traditional growers reach a carefully selected variety named “Queen Victoria”. This exclusivity is primed for its exceptional quality, flavour and taste. Furthermore, it is reputed for its highly reduced crown size and its long lasting shelf life. Pineapple cultivation covers nowadays over 300 hectares of land which results in the exportation of nearly 2000 tons of its variety annually.
Pineapples are available throughout the year although the peak season is between October to April. Peeled and dried vacuum sealed pineapples cautiously packed in polystyrene boxes to ensure its freshness are also put at the disposal of customers.


The predominant commercial lychees varieties grown in Mauritius are the Tai So and Calcuttia. These fruits naturally ripened two or three weeks earlier than in Madagascar with an attractive bright red skin and a firm texture with a proven shelf life. Each fruit weighs between 16 to 28 g. lychees are reputed for its nutritious quality being a valuable source of vitamin C and rich in sugar and potassium.
It is a seasonal fruit which comes out on the market at the end of October till late December. This exotic fruit has been extensively grown mostly in backyards and new orchards.
Mauritius export more than 300 tons of lychees annually to all parts of the world with an efficient packing designed to guarantee a long lasting freshness of the fruit.